NEW MILLER METAL SHOP (NMMS) is in the manufacturing industry, providing quality sheet metal products through the stamping and spinning process, and the entire machining job as well.

We are fully registered with DTI, with certificate no. 00017338 since 1997.

The NMMS Mission:

To provide our clients with high quality products that they need at affordable and competitive prices. To elevate the overall consumer experience and increase customer satisfaction by providing excellent products and services to meet a consumer's needs while reducing waste, lead times, manufacturing costs and environmental impact.​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The NMMS Vision:

To achieve our goals through an unwavering commitment to exceed our client's expectations for service, quality and innovative value added solution to suit their ever changing needs.
Line of Business:

Design and fabrication of tools and DIES, manufacturing of sheet metal parts by metal stamping and spinning job process. Fabrication of all types of gears (spur/helix/worm/bevel/rack), also chain sprocket product.​​​​​​​

Mr. Emilio Cereno Jr.
Chairman of the Board Manager

Mrs. Josephine Cereno
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Mrs. May Reyes
Company Secretary
Services Offered:

   •  Sheet Metal Fabrication
   •  Shearing/Bending/Roll Forming up to 6mm thickness
   •  Metal Stamping
   •  Spinning Job (Aluminum Diffuser/Lighting Casing)​​​​​​​
Other Services:

Sheet Bending
    •  Up to ¼  x 8ft. capacity
Sheet Shearing
    •  Up to 3/8 x 12ft. capacity
Sheet roll forming
    •  Up to 3/8 x 8ft  capacity
Pipe Bending
    •  Up to 6 inches capacity